As emergency care doctors, the Emergency Centre (EC) is both our office and our playground.

Yet our mantra, Quality Emergency Care, sets us as Specialist Emergency Physicians apart from the rest.

Based on our experience, we have learned to create dynamic EC environments that are beneficial and supportive to patients and healthcare staff.

We believe that the best Emergency Medicine is cultured from solid teamwork, mutual respect and effective communication, and refined with sound medical knowledge, razor-sharp practical skills and evidence-informed care.

Combine fierce clinical governance and explicit attention to quality assurance to this philanthropic-academic management philosophy and you get what we call the MD Inc. Emergency Centre Management Solution.



The MD Inc. Solution

  • EC staffing with experienced, qualified and capable HPCSA-certified doctors
  • Providing 24/7 Specialist Emergency Physician cover to all our units
  • Enhancing teamwork and team building with resident specialists and hospital staff
  • Maximizing efficiency to minimize waiting times
  • Developing institution-specific protocols to standardize emergency care
  • Managing Clinical Decision Units (CDU) or Short Stay Units (SSU)
  • Providing continuous professional development for hospital staff
  • Providing in-house training, e.g.: triage, BLS, ACLS
  • Supporting quality improvement initiatives
  • Maintaining a high-standard of quality assurance
  • EC accreditation for supervision of Emergency Medicine diploma candidates

So far this recipe has worked for us and for the ECs we manage.

And like any recipe, the individual ingredients add complexity to the finished product.

The way we manage Mediclinic Constantiaberg Emergency Centre in Cape Town is different to the way we manage Life West Coast Private Hospital in Vredenberg, Western Cape; and is different to the next, and the next, and the next.

The MD Inc. solution has proven to be a success in improving both patient and healthcare provider experience and satisfaction in our ECs.

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