Specialist Emergency Physician Services

  • As Specialist Emergency Physicians, we offer a range of services for clinical managers and medical staff of Emergency Centres
  • Our clinical services include Emergency Specialist on-call assistance for Emergency Centre medical staff; off-site clinical management advice; clinical teaching and Continuing Professional Development sessions, and much more
  • Our administrative services include Emergency Centre clinical governance, troubleshooting and problem solving; protocol and guidelines development; public relations and medico-legal administration, and much more
  • Visit our Specialist Emergency Physician Services page for more information.

Emergency Centre Management

As Specialist Emergency Physicians we have accumulated ample years of experience. Most of our training took place in the Emergency Centre. Having been exposed to different managers and a variety of units at various hospitals has made us aware of the different styles of management. We have combined these different approaches to create what we feel is the best way to manage an Emergency Centre. MD Inc. is perfectly suited to managing all aspects of Emergency Centres, from Clinical Governance, optimization of relationships with in-hospital specialists, patient satisfaction and staff training, to administrative tasks such as auditing, rostering, and billing.

  • Rostering and staffing the unit with appropriately qualified doctors
  • Providing Specialist Emergency Physician cover for telephonic advice and call out when needed
  • Regular specialist to specialist contact sessions by our Specialist Emergency Physician heading the Emergency Centre
  • Second-on-call services in case of high patient loads
  • Minimising patient waiting times
  • Management and supervision of the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) or Short Stay Unit (SSU)
  • Providing Emergency Medicine protocols for management of various presentations
  • Regular identification and processing of clinical issues through auditing of patient records
  • Follow up on positive culture results and positive imaging tests
  • Monthly CPD meetings and M&M meetings
  • Dealing with patient compliments and complaints
  • Training of the EC staff e.g Triage, BLS, ACLS
  • Visit our Emergency Centre Management page for more information on this service.

Medical Locum Placements

  • MD Inc. is constantly searching for medical doctors of the highest calibre to join our team of locum doctors
  • We provide government and private healthcare sector Emergency Centre locum placements across Cape Town and Limpopo
  • Our locums benefit from having 24-hour on-call assistance from our team of Specialist Emergency Physicians, no matter where they work
  • Our locums also receive discounted rates on MD Inc. courses; earn MD Moola for each hour worked to spend at the MD Inc. online shop; and receive access to our Continuing Professional Development sessions
  • Doctors with the Emergency Medicine qualifications, such as the DipPEC, command higher rates at our contracted Emergency Centres
  • Visit our Locums page for more information, or send your CV to info@mdinc.co.za

Point-of-care Ultrasound

  • As Specialist Emergency Physicians, we are trained to perform Point-of-care Ultrasound and ultrasound-assisted vascular access procedures
  • Currently, we offer this service to a number of private hospitals in Cape Town, at no charge to the doctors requesting our service for ultrasound-assisted vascular access procedures
  • Our diagnostic ultrasound is performed in a variety of clinical situations, from polytrauma to undifferentiated shock to 1st trimester pregnancy bleeding
  • Point-of-Care ultrasound, typically performed in the Emergency Centre, has been shown to improve diagnostic and therapeutic accuracy in a range of acute medical and surgical conditions
  • Vascular access procedures with ultrasound guidance has also demonstrated improved first-pass success rates and fewer patient complications
  • Visit our Ultrasound Services page for more information on how to request this service for your hospital.

Sports and Events Medical Cover

  • Our emergency doctors have training and experience in managing all types of acute medical emergencies, in and out of hospital
  • We provide on-scene medical cover and expertise for all types of events, from film-shoots and tour group medical cover, to conferences and sporting events
  • Contact us on +27 (76) 994 3584 or send an email to info@mdinc.co.za for more information on rates, bookings and specific services offered.