Welcome to MD Inc.

Drs Mabasa & D’Andrea Incorporated, trading as MD Inc., is a Cape Town-based company of Specialist Emergency Physicians who share a passion for Quality Emergency Care.

Founded in 2014 by Dr Ibrahim D’Andrea and Dr Tiyiselani Mabasa, our mission is to improve emergency healthcare in South Africa and abroad.

We offer quality emergency care to our patients and superior evidence-informed training for our peers. By developing networks of experienced emergency care providers in all healthcare sectors, we will uplift the state of Emergency Medicine across South Africa and the continent.

MD Inc. is directed by doctors Ibrahim D’Andrea, Tiyiselani Mabasa, Dineo Moiloa and Paul Xafis – all of whom are specialists in the field of Emergency Medicine. Our head offices are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Promise

  • MD Inc. prides itself on providing quality medical care to all
  • We practice evidence-informed medicine with diligence, integrity and sound ethics
  • We engender the utmost respect for our patients and clients, and their families

Our Services

Emergency Center Management

MD Inc. independently manages the Emergency Centre, working closely with the hospital management and staff. Our goal for the future is to have all doctors working in the Emergency Centre to have a post-graduate qualification in Emergency Medicine.

Concierge Medical Service

As a Cape Town Tourism preferred provider, MD Inc. provides a concierge medical service of the highest quality for select clientele who require privacy and timely service. Our professional service is tailored to our clients’ personal medical needs, whether in person or over the phone.

Specialist Emergency Medicine Consults

Our 24-Hour Telephonic Consultation Service includes remote-site support and on-call cover for Emergency Centres with unsupervised doctors. Find out more about what our 24-Hour Telephonic Consultation Service offers by visiting this page.

Our Store

We provide a number of tools and workbooks directly from our Online Store. If you are interested in finding any reading material for our courses simply click on the link below to visit Our Store page.

Training & Locum Recruitment

Locum Recruitment

MD Inc. is passionate about Quality Emergency Care. We are a team of highly skilled, highly enthusiastic people who want to make the world better.

If you are driven and excited by the possibilities of a better future in Emergency Care then send us your details today!

Training by MD Inc.

We offer a host of courses, from First Aid and Basic Life Support to Emergency ECG and Emergency Care Diploma training. Our Specialist Emergency Physicians are directly involved in all of our CPD accredited courses on offer. Courses can be arranged for groups (doctors, nurses, paramedics, or students) and will be tailored to group-specific needs.

Space is limited so head to our Training page to book your spot today!